jueves, abril 23, 2009

Fifth Day d=P

Jason Mraz discovered some books when he was in Australia that he took home and changed his life.

"In a posting at his MySpace, he recommends you check out ‘Autobiography of a Yogi’. “In February of 2006 while on tour in Australia, I received a collection of books and CDs that changed my life forever,” he writes. “They were life manuals and spiritual texts I would use as reference material on my journey, that of opening the heart completely, leading from the heart rather than being consumed with the mind. I was looking for the greatest love imaginable: That Love that dwells inside us all, That Love that makes us so, That Love that makes us all connected whether we believe in it or not. (Actually, at the time, I didn’t know which questions to ask or what I’d find. I just wanted to be happy.) I had been asking the Universe for some help, praying rather, which took guts to admit just to myself, but I had prayed as a child and it always gave me comfort when I was afraid of the dark. And though I was on tour, flying high and living my dream, I was in the dark again and afraid for my life”.

“And lo, by allowing any kind of change to come, these books appeared with a note attached. “Enjoy these books. When you are finished pass them on for they do not belong to you, they belong to the world.” It was a wonderful coincidence, a sign that the Universe was paying attention, that I was dialed into something larger that IS always listening”.
by Paul Cashmere - April 9 2009

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