viernes, abril 24, 2009

Sexto día y mrás MRAZ...

La inspiración de REMEDY: Charlie Mingroni
"He wrote the song after one of his close friends, Charlie Mingroni, was diagnosed with bone cancer. Mingroni told Mraz that he would live through it, and he did go into remission. Mraz later used the money he made from the song to pay the rent on an apartment in Los Angeles that he lent to Mingroni. Another song from that album, "You and I Both," also became a top radio song. By June of 2004, the album had sold almost 800,000 copies."

"My dad told me it's important to love what you do. I feel like my wish is granted." Of his chance to live a wild, rock-star life, he said he wasn't interested: "My dream is to live in a house by the sea with a cat." By Jason Mraz

Presten atención a la modulación al final de la canción, una mínima nota genera una sensación wow.. comparen con la versión en audio.

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